How to Get Marika's Scarseal - Elden Ring

To reach the Siofra River, head east of Limgrave.

Until you reach the bottom of the wall, ride the elevator down.

After you reach the bottom of the wall, take the path on the right to avoid most of the enemies in the ruin.

Use the elevator to reach the next area after heading into the building.

Once you are out of the building, walk along the stream until you reach the open area of the siofra river.

When you are on the right side of the area, try to stay near the cliff to avoid most of the enemies.

fter a few seconds, you will see a broken pillar leaning onto a ruin with an enemy on it.

Make your way to the teleporter found on top of the ruin after defeating it.

When you get teleported, stay on the right side of the screen until you reach an open area.

The dragonkin soldier will begin to fight you once you get near the waterfall.

The best way to counter this is to attack it after it has done its slam attacks.

To get marika’s scarseal, head to the waterfall and loot the corpse. After the battle.

Marika’s Scarseal Stats: In an elden ring, Marika’s scarseal is a talisman that increase your mind, INT, Faith and Arcane by 3.

This is useful for classes that use magic and incantations. It increases the stats related to those abilities.

In addition to the stats, the enchantment will also help you equip items you couldn’t before.