How to Get Piplup in Pokémon Legends - Arceus

Piplup can only be found in the cobalt Coastlands by a pond between Spring path and lslespy shore.

They can be found at any time of the day during any kind of weather.

There is only one Piplup that runs around by the pond most of the time.

However, there are some occasions when two Piplups are wandering around.

Piplup is skittish mush like Turtwig and flees as soon as it is aware of your  Presence.

If it escapes, you have to wait for it to respawn.

Therefore, it is important to hide in the grass to avoid detection.

Piplup's capture rate is quite high, so it should not be a chore to catch.

You can use a springy Mushroom, Hearty Grains, or plump beans to distract it.

Once it takes your bait, throw a poke ball to capture Piplup.