How to get to Assassin's Festival in Final Fantasy XV

Step 1

First, you will need to wait for the timed event "Assasin's Festival”.

Step 2

You need to have version 1.15 or later.

Step 3

Download the free Add-On Assassin‘s Festival.

Step 4

Select Special, and then navigate to Assassin’s Festival.

Step 5

After that, you have to select the save slot to use.

Step 6

Prologue training.

Step 7

Drive your car to the Assassin’s Festival.

Step 8

There is a bit of disturbance in the festival.

Step 9

You will need to recapture the keycards.

Step 10

Joining the brotherhood.

Step 11

The captive card.

Step 12

Imperial interference.

Step 13

Fireworks and credits.

Step 14

Rewards and unlocks Get free attire: Medjay assassin’s robes.