How to Get Tornadus - Pokémon Legends: Arceus

In the Galaxy Hall, you can talk to a scientist named Cogita to learn more about the forces of nature.

Accept this quest.

You should go to Bonechill wastes when there is a blizzard.

This will allow Tornadus to appear.

Once you have found Tornadus, make sure to get rid of any hostile pokemon in the area.

The tornado barrier around Tornadus must be destroyed before you can capture it.

Use smoke bombs to get behind tornadus.

To take down tornadus, throw a rotten apricorn or a ball of mud at it when its barrier is down.

When you're in range of a Pokemon, strike it using your own Pokemon to start the battle.

When the Pokémon's health is low, catch it using an ultra ball.

Tornadus is weak to ice. It makes it easier to beat him if you have a Pokemon with ice-type moves.