How to Get Unlimited Credits with the Fastest Farming Method in Gran Turismo Sport?

Step 1

First, you will need to select Arcade, and then Custom Race.

Step 2

Select Nurburgring 24h track in daytime.

Step 3

You can select any N100 car (slowest road car).

Step 4

And set the Starting Grid to last (20th).

Step 5

Set the Fuel Consumption to Max (10x).

Step 6

You will need to set the Opponent Category to Gr.1.

Step 7

Set the Opponent Difficulty to Professional.

Step 8

After that, you will need to select Go Race.

Step 9

Drive normally (don’t worry about the position).

Step 10

Skipping to the last stretch see mini map.

Step 11

You should catch up to them at this area.

Step 12

They should be running out of fuel.

Step 13

You are in the slowest car, and they are in the fastest.

Step 14

To conserve the fuel, they drive super slowly.

Step 15

Most won’t even make it to finish line.

Step 16

You have to concentrate on the driving good.

Step 17

You should overtake everyone here.

Step 18

First place with slowest car.

Step 19

You have to continue, and win the race.