How to Make a Fire Spellsworld Build in Skyrim - Part 5

All the materials can be purchased from glover.

Make some more smithing and enchanting potions.

Use the smithing potion to upgrade the armor and sword.

And the enchant potion to enchant them.

Enchantment list can be found in the video description.

Get a ride to dawnstar.

Head south.

And up the mountain.

To the lord stone.

After head to the temple of Mara in riften.

Talk to Dinya Balu to begin the book of love.

On the way to Iverstead stop by redwater den.

Find the telekinesis spell inside a small cell.

Continue the book of love.

Completing the quest rewards the agent of Mara buff.

Head to the hall of countenance at the college of winterhold.

Ask Drevis if there is anything you can assist with.

Quicksave and cleanse the point.

Reload the save until you get +100 Magicka for 2 hours.

This buff will supercharge your Magicka regen.

Cast telekinesis to level alteration.

All the way to 100.

For the magic resistance perks.

And the Atronach perk.

With the fortify Magicka buff still active buy muffle from drevis.

And cast it to power level illusion to 50.

Begin the main story to unlock dragons.

Take out that bad boy.

Make sure to take and store the dragon bones for later.