How to Make a God King Build in Skyrim - Part 9

Get the seeker of shadows.

Make an enchanting potion.

Switch to Sorcery.

And throw on Ahzidal's armor for another enchanting boost.

Enchant the Falmer helm, Circlet, Gloves, Ring, and Necklace with alchemy.

The Circlet can be worn under the Falmer helm for 5 total alchemy pieces.

Then, use this set to make stronger potions.

You can use it for stronger alchemy enchantments - an endless loop.

You can get some stupid numbers on your final set.

Add smithing on the gloves, Ring, Necklace, chest piece, and captain's boots.


Make the final enchanting and smithing potions.

Upgrade the armor; look at those numbers.

And enchant them.

Finally, head up to bleak falls to speedrun the main quest.

You just need to finish training with the graybeards.

Next time you travel to a city, you will be approached.

It will begin the Dragonborn DLC.

At the temple, find the first word of dragon aspect.

Over the DLC, you will also be given the words for bend will.

That's one ugly fish.

Second word of Bend will.

Final word.

Head to the Raven rock mine.

Grab the Atronach stone again, and it should be immune to magic damage.

Mu turn.

Second word of dragon aspect.

Final word is inside the shadow realm.

Just before Miraak.

True mastery over others.