How to Make a Two Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 2

Head out towards Whiterun.

Quick stopover at the Hooningbrew meadery.

There will be couple of free beers for the boys.

Get the cart over to riften.

And head east to the Ruined tower.

Lure the spider back to the Guards.

Return and take your prize.

After that, go back to Whiterun.

Give one gold to a beggar for +10 speech.

Agree to help out Carlotta.

With +10 speech, you'll pass the persuade check.

You will get easy 250 gold.

And free vegetables.

Oi get off my vegies you flithy peasant.

Equip the amulet and sell the clothes off your hack.

Make your wau to join the companions.

Out to train with Vilkas.

Down in Jorrvaskr and wait until Kodlak is in his room at night.

After that, close the door and take the Daedra heart and troll fat.

Also, pick the lock on the dwarven greatsword.

Now make your way up to Dragonsreach.

Speak to Jarl Balgruuf.

Instead head to the kitchen.

And cook some soup with the vegetables collected.

Then fast travel over to Riften.

And start heading west.

Until you eventually get to Largashbur.

Head around the side and jump the wall.

There will be free Orcish armor.