How to Make a Two Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 3

Test out the new gear on the first mission of the companions.

Don't forget to loot everything for selling.

After the mission, sell your plunder in whiterun.

Get a cart over to dawnstar.

And head to the secret chest near the mine.

Grab the soul gems.

You can take expensive items for selling if you wish.

Go south out of dawnstar and head towards the lord stone.

Hey, look these guys are still alive.

Up you go.

And fight off the bandits at the top.

Activate the Lord stone for +50 armor & magic resist.

Then head back to Jorrvaskr.

And buy heavy armor training with Farkas.

You want to try and hit level 9 and get 40 heavy armor.

If you are short of level 9, then head to Riften.

And pick the chests in the guard towers.

Get the well fitted perk to boost armor rating.

Once level 9, fast travel back to Largashbur.

And help take out the gaint.

Easy game easy life.

It will start the lost tribe quest.

Already collected them from Kodlak's room.

You need to participate in the Ritual.

What a cool guy.

Before progressing, head to Winterhold and join the college.

It requires 132 Magicka.

If you get unlucky as well, then travel to solitude.

And head to the temple of the divines.