How to Make a Two Handed Build in Skyrim - Part 4

Activate the blessing of Julianos for +25 Magicka.

With the novice hood equipped, you can cast the spell.

Once inside, enter the hall of attainment.

And grab the void salts.

After that, enter the midden.

Get the broom by the door.

And the Orichalcum near the Atronach forge.

Then use the soul gem, broom, Ingot and void salts.

To create a staff of storm Atronach.

Go meet up with Yamarz.

Push through.

Good luck.

Crikey, he's a big boy.

Just use the Atronach to fight him.

He will mess you up hard if you get in range.

Great success.

Return to Largashbur.

Place the Hammer.

Yeah nice!

Any Jewelry can be purchased from radiant raiment.

Take her out for a test drive.