How To Make A Vampire Build Early in Skyrim - Part 1

Race: Dark ELF +50% fire resist form level 1.

You know what time it is.

Into the keep with everyone's favorite.

Loot the valuable imperial gear for selling later.

Let Ralof tank for you.

Until the bear just before the exit.

Take equipment off and sneak attack to rapidly level sneak.

Aim for 60 sneak.

Then get the hell Outta there.

Make you way towards the standing stones.

Activate the mage stone for 20% faster skill gain.

Over to riverwood.


Um yeah we're friends.

Take the supplies.

Sales people are the worst.

Head to the whiterun stables.

And get the cart over to riften.

Inside the guard towers to the north loot the chests.

Lure big boi back to the guards.

The amulet and blessing both give 10% better prices.

Map location.

Back in whiterun visit the bannered mare.

Rent a room.

And sleep for the well rested bonus.

Give a beggar gold for gift of charity.

Sell off the items.

Head up to dragonsreach.

Buy muffle from farengar.