How To Make A Vampire Build Early in Skyrim - Part 3

Head to Solitude.

Enter bits and pieces.

Steal the dwarven dagger.

If you have the spare money drop into radiant raiment.

Very nice!

Over to the riften Orphanage.

Head to windhelm.

Pay a visit to Aventus.

Sleep to get Kidnapped.

Blade of Woe and shrouded gear.

Join the dawnguard.

Stop by the lord stone for +50 armor and +25 magic resist.

Then into Dimhollow.

Use the shrouded gloves and boots + blade of Woe.


Go to Katia's farm to the south of solitude and pick a potato.

Sell the Potato to Katla.

Lets you take the horse for free.

To the castle.

Speak to Garan Marethi.

Kill the cattle in the basement for easy vamp perk progress.

Head over to Redwater den.

More easy perk progression.

Continue through the dungeon.

Fill the Chalice.

Sneak with Feran Sadri about rings of blood magic.

It's a random quest, but reloading an auto save got it for me.

Both locations are random and different for everybody.

Make sure you keep leveling your perks with life drain.