How To Make Two-Handed Tank Build in Skyrim - Part 1

Race: Breton for 25% Magic Resist.

Into the Keep.

Imperial scum.

Loot any high value items from within the keep.

Take out the stormcloak with the 2-handed Weapon.

Why Thankyou.

Train on Ralof until 40 Two-handed.


Warrior Stone.

Grab 5 Mora Tapinella From around Riverwood.

Upto Whiterun.

Gold to a Beggar for a gift of Charity buff.

Then speak to carlotta in the marketplace.

Easy Cash.

Sell off the Helgen loot.

Get the cart to Windhelm.

Head South along the road and collect 3 creep cluster.

Then get the boat to solstheim from Windhelm Docks.

To the Retching Netch.

Hire Teldryn to carry you early.

Discover Tel Mithryn on the south east side of the island.

Then back to the mainland and get a cart to Riften.

Head Northeast for the Amulet of Zenithar.

Better Prices.

Head East of Riften to the black Briar lodge.

Free steel plate Armor.

Looking Fine.

Visit Jarl Ballin in whiterun.

But first head to white river watch.