How To Make Two-Handed Tank Build in Skyrim - Part 5

Return the Dragon Stone.

Slay a dragon.

Off to the Pub.

Ask about any rumors.

Steal the key from the jarl or Farengar.

Dismiss Teldryn.

Find Faendal in Riverwood.

Bring him for a walk.

Go to the Ritual Stone.

East of Whiterun.

Activate the stone.

Use the Ritual ability to resurrect Faendal.

Wait 24 hours to reset the power.

After 10 Kills the blade will be fully upgraded.

Head to Benkongerike in the Northern Part of solstheim.

Rank 1 of Cyclone for Crowd Control.

And from the black book.

A drum that increases Stamina Regen.

Head to the sacellum of boethiah.

East of windhelm.

Pick up nobody from a Tavern.

Lead him up the mountain.

Slay him.

Slay the rest.

Poison damage.

Don't forget to upgrade your new armor.

More slaying to finish off.