How to Make Warrior God Of Madness Build in Skyrim (Part 2)

Sell off the items from Helgen, and keep wearing the heavy Imperial armor.

Now, you will need to enter Into the castle dour.

And speak to legate Adventus Caesennius. You will not have to pass the speech check if you are wearing imperial armor.

After that, head to the armory.

This gear is amazing this early, even on legendary difficulty.

The next thing you need to do is get a cart to Morthal.

And track just east to Myrwatch.

You have to take out this creepy crawly.

And then cast flames on the seal to unlock the house.

You will need to harvest the plants from the garden.

Plant 3 scaly and fill the rest with Mora Tapinella.

After that, you have to sleep next door for 24 hours.

Then head back and collect the plants.

You have to grab the Corundum ingot next to the forge.

And turn some of the pelts into leather.

Now, you need to make a backpack for extra carry weight.

Visit the Whiterun stables and buy a wild horse map.

You can find a horse to tame just to the northwest.

Here's the victory at last.

The next thing you need to do is ride west to the golden hills plantation.

Get Inside, head downstairs and push the button.

A ghost will appear here.

Kill the ghost and read the journal.

You will need to find the sword next to the well on top of the hill to the east.

This is my house now.

You have to use the workbench to add exterior decoration for extra planting spaces.

Plant 20 Mora Tapinella, 12 Creep clusters, and 12 scaly pholiota.

It is one of the most fantastic things.

After that, you have to get a cart to Markarth.

And move up to the keep.

You will need to meet Calcelmo and agree to help him.

After that, pick up metal inside the excavation site.

Vegetable soup and shield bash to deal with Nimhe.

Completing the quest will access the museum and metal around Calcelmo.