How to Make Warrior God Of Madness Build in Skyrim (Part 6)

While you are here, you can also read Soran's journal in the Arcanaeum.

You need to chase down the unicorn.

Now, you need to head over to the Redwater Den.

And grab the telekinesis spell tome from the first room in the jail.

After that, head to the talking stone camp in Whiterun plains.

Use the solo giant to level up the block.

When low on health, you have to use the healing spell.

As you gain levels, you can buy restoration training and block until 100.

Once you can have that ticked off, go to the broken fang cave nearby.

Take out the vampire and skeletons in the first room.

You need to get drained by the vampire out the back until you catch vampirism.

You can end him after that and then wait 72 hours to transform into a vampire.

After that, get back to Colette, and buy the strongest undead spell she has.

You need to move down to the Midden.

And cast turn undead on the lone Draugr to finish off 70 restorations.

It shouldn't take too long if you were buying training while blocking.

You will need to pick up the necro mage perk (increases your stats by 25% due to being undead).

Not this clown again!

You have to chuck on your alteration enchanted gear.

Cast telekinesis on something and fast travel to the other side of the map.

It will level alteration to 100 in an instant.

You will need to make it legendary and repeat for infinite levels.

Once you are done, pick up the Atronach perk.

The Atronach stone for 100% magic absorption.

After that, head to the Hob's fall cave.

And find the ancient tome chest.

You can also use the Unbound storms to level destruction the same way as telekinesis.

You don't have to fast travel to a populated area.

Get a 100 destruction, and head to white ridge Barrow on Solstheim.

And fight through.