How To Make Werewolf Build Early in Skyrim - Part 1

Race: Orc

Another Beautiful Morning.

Thank goodness we all Healthy and safe.

Into the keep with Hadvar.

Speedrun through, don't gain any levels.


Don't forget the key.

Bang it up to legendary.



Stying level 1 is very important.

Most Enemies will Scale to your level.

Werewolf has its own perks outside of normal levelling.

Being Tower level will make stronger later.

Don't do anything that will cause you to level up.

Into Riverwood.

Yeah ok Bro.

Dob in Sven.

Raid Alvor's house for any gold.

Grab Faendal's key.

Raid his place as well.

Grab the woodcutter's axe behind the sawmill.

Cut wood for $$$ without leveling up.

What a man.

Can sell your firewood to hod.

Get 1000 gold and head over to whiterun.

Cart to Windhelm.

To the docks and sail to solstheim.

Head to the Retching Netch.