How to Rob Hidden Rifle  Rhodes in Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

Step 1

First, you have to go to Gunsmith in Rhodes.

Step 2

The good time is afternoon.

Step 3

You need to go near the side of the Gunsmith shop.

Step 4

And listen to what trapped boy says (1).

Step 5

After that, you have to enter the Gunsmith shop.

Step 6

Use L2+R2 to Aim Gun at the Gunsmith.

Step 7

You need to press the Up directional button to rob the basement.

Step 8

Don’t shoot and go into the basement.

Step 9

You can loot the lock box, it is optional though.

Step 10

Now, you have to question both of them for whole story.

Step 11

And aim the weapon for more conversations.

Step 12

You will need to shoot the chains.

Step 13

Stay there to hear more background story.

Step 14

You can loot the weapon case for Lancaster Repeater.

Step 15

And then exit.

Step 16

You can also loot the cash register but it is optional.

Step 17

The stupid opened door will block you.

Step 18

One door is locked.

Step 19

You need to use other door to exit out the back.

Step 20

And leave the red area on the map.

Step 21

After that, you will need to wait for the investigation to end.

Step 22

Pay bounty (if you were spotted).

Step 23

You have to wait 2 or 3 days for Gunsmith to unlock.

Step 24

And then make your way back to the Gunsmith.

Step 25

You can customize your weapon.

Step 26

Customize it with the most expensive options.

Step 27

You have to press the L2 button to aim.

Step 28

Use left directional to switch the shoulder view.

Step 29

And press the R2 button to shoot.