I hope Dell Brings This Speedy Multi-Networking Tech To Gaming Laptops

I hope that Dell can bring this incredibly speedy networking technology to gaming laptops.

When we can have them all, why should we limit ourselves to one internet.

They have just announced the world's first simultaneous multi-network connection.

Which means you will be able to connect your future Dell machine into both wired and wireless networks at the same time.

It's a collection of hardware-based, intelligent solutions to a bunch of common issues for laptop users.

It has performance enhancement features which uses machine learning to get your preferred programs running smoother, and some other features as well.

If it works then your next Dell laptop might be working at a rate of 20% more data transfers.

You need a common router to talk to the others and a whole bunch of faffing is involved for combining two or more internet connections.

It might seem a little greedy.

To give an extra boost you could use your 4G.

Two internets will improve lag.