Intel Opens 270,000 Square Foot Of New Fab Space To Develop Next-Gen Chip Tech

Intel opens 270,000 square foot on new fab space.

Their $3B fab expansion is now open.

They have announced the grand opening for their new semiconductor fab expansion.

It delivers an additional 270,000 square feet of clean room space to develop next-generation silicon process technologies.

When Intel’s aggressive process node ramping plans, it will come in handy.

They introduce new process nodes over the coming years.

They contributed $19 billion to Oregon’s GDP in 2019 alone, they said.

Since its founding, Intel has been devoted to relentlessly advancing Moore’s Law, they said.

This new factory space will bolster our ability to deliver the accelerated process roadmap required to support our bold IDM 2.0 strategy.

Oregon is the longtime heart of our global semiconductor R&D, and I can think of no better way to honor Gordon Moore’s legacy than by bestowing his name on this campus, which, like him, has had such a tremendous role in advancing our industry, Intel’s CEO said.

That’s why they are renaming the campus to Gordon Moore Park.

It has been in the works since 2019.