Krafton Sues Google, YouTube, and Apple over Alleged PUBG Clones

Krafton sues Google, YouTube and Apple over alleged PUBG clones.

Apple and Google aren’t cooperating with PUBG studio, who wants the Free Fire games removed from sale.

They have filed a lawsuit against Apple, Google, YouTube and Garena.

Free Fire and Free Fire: Max are the games.

They began selling Free Fire shortly after the launch of PUBG in 2017 in Singapore.

After that it led to a settlement but didn’t include permission to distribute the game.

A mobile version of the game appeared on the App store and Google Play that same year, in spite of that.

They claimed both games copy PUBG features which include AirDrop feature as well.

They said that Garena has earned hundreds of millions of dollars.

They also point their finger at Apple and Google were making money while refusing their requests to stop distributing the games.

For featuring their gameplay as well as the movie. Youtube is also named as a defendant.

They filed similar action against Google, Apple in May 2020.

They didn’t listen to their demand of removing the game.