'Netflix Of Games' Isn't Likely, Says Analyst

‘Netflix of games’ isn’t likely.

Ampere is not convinced that subscription services like Game Pass are taking over gaming.

Many big industry players are chasing cloud streaming.

Subscription services is currently a much bigger topic of conversation than actual industry sector.

Subscriptions currently account for 4% of the total games market.

It'll be 8.4% by 2027, they forecasted.

The total number of Game Pass games is fairly small and hasn't been growing much recently, they said.

Only about 500 games hovered after EA Play games were added in March of last year.

And the success of Game Pass is dependent on the newness of the games available on it.

Netflix now has over 200 million subscribers, but games and videos are different from each other in some important ways.

79% of games spending in 2021 came from in-game transactions in free-to-play and paid games.