Secret Tricks in Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1

You will need to climb next to the window.

Step 2

And open up the catalog in the store.

Step 3

Turn with right hand (fast R1).

Step 4

And turn with left hand (slow R1).

Step 5

Turn with right hand again (Fast R1).

Step 6

After that, you have to listen to Buzzing when close to the lamp.

Step 7

You need to go into the first person mode.

Step 8

Wield a gun and fire by pressing R2.

Step 9

Press direction down for eye aim.

Step 10

After that, you have to cut free horse from the wagon.

Step 11

And ride that horse.

Step 12

The Special cosmetic horse is yours.

Step 13

Now, you will need to transfer Saddle to make it permanent.

Step 14

Aim carefully.

Step 15

Press the X button to run and Square to jump.

Step 16

And then test 360 degrees aim.

Step 17

After that, double ride one horse while in posse.

Step 18

Then Double shoot the target.

Step 19

It will be an easy target.

Step 20

Now, you have to go to the Wilderness Outfitters.

Step 21

And select Ches. Bay Retriever Dog.

Step 22

You have to pick Dead Grass color.

Step 23

And pet your dog.

Step 24

Command train.

Step 25

Drive the train next to the building and then jump off.

Step 26

The next thing you have to do is find this location.

Step 27

First regular jump.

Step 28

And now, the super long jump.

Step 29

You have to hogtie and carry miner to drop his hat.

Step 30

Drop miner and wear his hat.

Step 31

You no longer need to hold the lamp.

Step 32

You will need to fly up here.

Step 33

Find the fireplace.

Step 34

And get your prize.

Step 35

You will need to get Dracula and killer alive to Sheriff. Killer.

Step 36


Step 37

After that, you need to go there.

Step 38

And press the Triangle button to command Canoe.

Step 39

Then jump on the train from the horse.

Step 40

Finally, you have to jump on horse from the train.