North Korea Stole a lot of Crytpo in 2021

North Korea stole a lot of crypto.

You can now fund North Korea and burn a rainforest at the same time.

Many GPUs have been sent to crypto mining instead of playing video games.

Some were even lifted in transport, shortage for gamers, they have been sold on dark markets.

They are involved in crypto-mining to try to make money rather than destroying the environment.

That made North Korea hackers crazy rich.

They made at least $400 million USD worth of digital assets within the last year.

In North Korea the profit of stolen crypto went up over 40% from the previous year.

Ether was making nearly 60% percent of the total stolen, Bitcoin at closer 20% and the rest was mostly Ethereum.

They are not using it to invest in any NFTs.

The crypto is later laundered to other currencies and wallets before being converted back into some form of money which can be used in regular shops.

They target firms and centralised exchanges mostly.

Behind most of the heists could be the Lazarus Group and they have ties with the North Korean Government.

North Korea is still sitting on around $170 million of crypto, Chainalysis claims that all of this points to an organised effort by the county.

They cemented themselves as an advanced persistent threat to the cryptocurrency industry in 2021.