Norton Subsidiary Avira will Introduce a Crypto Mining app that Will take a Big Chunk of your Profits

Norton subsidiary Avira will introduce a crypto mining app that will take your profits.

Avira is a newly acquired subsidiary of Norton.

Avira Crypto functions the same way that Norton Crypto does.

It’s disabled by default and it’s  easy to use.

The users use the processing power of their PC to earn Ethereum.

They will consider other coins in the future.

This kind of mining software for users who don’t fully understand cryptocurrency is dangerous.

Users might won’t make any profit at all, once all the fees and costs are taken into account.

Unless you’re mining long term or have powerful hardware, a user can end up at a loss.

There’s the possibility that hundreds of millions of users will be exposed to this software because Avira offers a free product.

Norton is going to merge with Avast.