Nvidia Argues It Should Be Allowed to Buy Arm Because Intel and AMD Are Really, Really Good

Nvidia argues it should be allowed to buy Arm because Intel and AMD are really good.

They said that no industry observer can seriously contend that Intel, AMD, and Arm’s competitors are so incapable.

You might think Nvidia, Intel and AMD are all at each other’s throats, you’d be correct in thinking that most of the time.

But these companies rely on each other’s tech a whole lot, such as gaming laptops.

Look at CES 2022, you will find plenty of laptops brandishing an AMD CPU alongside an Nvidia GPU, or an Intel CPU with an Nvidia GPU.

Main concerns raised against Nvidia’s Arm deal is that it would be damaging the competition in chipmarking and design, referred to as the “ability to foreclose competition”.

"The Decision disparages Intel, AMD, and hundreds of RISC-V supporters as forever unable to compete with Arm," the argument reads.

They said that other competitors are so incapable that they cannot even with Arm. Intel and AMD are the industry leaders.

Nvidia relies on AMD’s x86 products as it provides high performance CPU power.

Nvidia and Arm also highlight how significant Intel’s influence is and there’s no way it’s taking down intel easily even with their combined strength.

Nivdia needs to make in earnest to have a chance of finalising its Arm purchase and the company is facing serious opposition to its deal.