Nvidia Was Approached to Buy Arm, Not the Other Way Around

Nvidia was approached to buy Arm.

The current owners of Arm, approached Nvidia to buy it.

Nvidia trying its best to buy Arm, you might think that they are the driving force behind the $40 billion deal.

It was actually SoftBank, the current owner of Arm, that came to Nvidia’s doorstep first.

Nvidia is a strong supporter of the X86 ecosystem. Intel and AMD make industry-leading CPUs published in a report written by Nvidia and Arm.

According to the two companies this makes a big difference to why the merger should go ahead.

SoftBank approached Nvidia with the possibility to buy Arm, both realized that Nvidia would be uniquely suited to help Arm create new IP and develop a world class ecosystem.

Arm designs chips that companies can use, for a fee. Apple bought a license to Arm’s architectures for its own development.

That’s partially why Nvidia is now facing serious lines of questioning from global regulators on what it intends to do with Arm.

Nvidia has a long way to go before sealing the deal as it is facing opposition across the globe.