Nvidia's New GPU Is So Chonk Its Interconnect Is Almost The Size Of An RTX 3090 Chip

Nvidia’s new GPU interconnect is almost the size of an RTX 3090 chip.

The NVSwitch chip contains around 25 billion transistors.

It is the interconnect which allows multiple instances of NVLink.

Which enables lots of Nvidia’s GPUs to work together.

It is built on the same TSMC 4N node.

It is able to directly connect up to eight GPUs.

WIth total aggregate bandwidth of 7.2TB/s.

Hopper architecture is designed purely for the server environment.

When SLI and CrossFire were actually a thing, discrete GPUs didn't really game well together.

They have specced out the NVSwitch with so many damned 4nm transistors.

The GA102 GPU comes in at 28.3 billion transistors.