One Of PC's Best New Technologies, FidelityFX Super Resolution, Is Headed To Xbox

FidelityFX Super Resolution is headed to Xbox.

They are set to gain massively from game upscaling technology.

This upscaling technology has already done a lot on PCs.

But now with the new and improved version they are jumping to the console.

We want you to be able to port without restriction to any platform of your choice, they said.

FSR 2.0 is upcoming upscaling technology on PC and console.

It builds upon the FPS 1.0 technology.

It renders a game at a lower resolution for better performance then upscale helps those frames to look close to the native resolution.

It is coming around April.

FSR 2.0 will replace the spatial algorithm with a temporal one.

FSR 2.0 is not only superior but also faster than FRS 1.0.