Over 2,000 People Watched Someone Read A Book In Twitch's 'Silent Reading' Category

Over 2,000 people watched someone read a book on Twitch.

Their April Fools categories are real.

Thanks to one of Twitch's new April Fools categories: Silent Reading, this hour-long, page-turning stream came.

She said nothing for an hour.

Chat had nothing to react to because a woman was quietly reading a book.

They created four more joke categories today.

Just Chatting seems to be the most popular joke category.

Just Chatting should be purely the chat talking amongst themselves with no comment from the streamer.

Girll_dm had the most watched stream in the section.

PizzaPrincessG is making pies at her restaurant in New York, In the Pizza Time category.

They didn’t make it clear that these categories were real.