Overclocked Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti Benchmarked: Just 14% Faster Than Founders RTX 3090. At Best

Overclocked Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti benchmark is just 14% faster than Founders RTX 3090.

Despite being $500 more expensive and with extra cores, and higher clocks. It doesn’t deliver as high in gaming as expected.

They have launched potentially the last Ampere GPU of this generation.

And they are calling it a monster.

Under load in 4k it's running at 1,990MHz.

Where RTX 3090 clocks in at 1,766MHz on average.

They are calling it an elite-level creator performance GPU.

You should only buy it, if you are a professional GPU user not a gamer.

It consumes around 500W under heavy load.

As you can tell it requires a lot of power to sustain its cores.

Try and justify spending $2,000 for this GPU.