Becoming the Champion - Pokémon BDSP

To the north of the city is a girl named Jasmine. She's from the Johto Region.

She will give you a TM that teaches the hidden move waterfall.

Go to the Pokemon League and challenge the Elite Four.

Travel north. Keep going until you reach the waterfall. Swim up it using your new HM.

You are now in the Pokemon League.

Get inside the victory road.

For reaching the victory road, walk on the first three bridges that lead to the northeast.

You can climb down the wall beside the bridge with Rock Climb and travel west.

Begin climbing the stairs and head north. Then, head up the stairs and leave on the left.

Head south, destroy rocks with rock smash. Move boulders with strength.

After that, push the same boulder back.

To proceed east, you need to destroy the rock.

In order to get to the next section, you have to push the top middle boulder to the right and go north. Then, take the entrance on the right.

As you head toward the next area, you'll cross a bridge and climb down a wall using Rock Climb.

Go to the northeast and take the stairs on the right.

To reach the trainer on the other side of the water, you must use Surf.

Keep surfing north until you get to the waterfall at the end.

Use Waterfall to climb up.

Until you reach the other side Surf west and continue walking through the path.

You must climb up the steps to enter the next area.

When you encounter the first trainer, go south and then east.

Go up the rock wall and cross the bridge.

Keep going north until you get to the exit.

To reach the Pokemon league building, use Surf and Waterfall.

When you enter the building, go up to the trainer in front of the doorway.

Your rival is about to appear and you have to fight them.

Speak to the trainer in front of the doorway and go inside.

After that challenge the Elite four and the Champion.

You are now part of the Hall of Fame. Congratulations!