How To Level Up Fast - Pokémon BDSP

Wild Pokemon in hideaways have level scaling, so you'll never have a hard time finding them.

It is important to match your current party's level.

What's more, you can see Pokémon in the wild when they're in hideaways.

Choose Pokemon which you want to be leveled up by fighting the wild pokemons for EXP.

You can choose that based on their typing or if they're evolved.

Lots of Pokemon battles in the tall grass

The most direct way to get EXP points.

As you go along, the Pokemon you encounter become more powerful.

To get the higher EXP, fight Pokemon in the routes/areas most recently unlocked before fighting a gym.

For instance, Oreburgh mine has the strongest wild Pokemon before facing.

Since that is the last area you need to pass before unlocking the Oreburgh gym.

Before you encounter an eterna gym, you should level up Pokemon on Route 211 (east of eterna).

Rather than take route 205 (west of Eterna), take route 211. This route has a higher level of Pokemon.

In the early game, you can get two double battle partners.

In eterna forest it's Cheryl and Mira in Wayward cave.

Instead of immediately driving them to the exit of their areas.

You should encounter wild Pokemon with them.

And 2 wild Pokemon will appear to battle with this, everytime.

Having 2 wild Pokemon appear makes leveling up a bit easy.

Pokemon get twice the experience from double battles.

Plus, Cheryl and Mira will help heal your Pokémon after every wild battle.

It will save you from visiting the Pokemon center or using items.

Trainers who are looking for a battle a device named A Vs. seeker indicates that.

Its battery charges as you move..

To rechallenge in your journey thus far, utilize the Vs. seeker.

It's a good idea to re-match all trainers. They will likely have Pokemon at least level 30.

By the time you've reached the Pokemon League, they have even evolved.

Open your key items pocket. In it, you will find a Vs. seeker, use it.

This will send a signal to all of the trainers on your screen. If a trainer wants to rematch.

Above them two red exclamation points will appear.

After a Vs. seeker use, you have to walk 100 steps before you can use it again.

On the other hand, you can't use the Vs. seeker in caves or buildings.

When you reach Iron Island the first time, you can get Riley as a double battle partner.

It's a great way to level up quickly in the middle game.

Riley is with you until you defeat the Galactic grunts on Iron Island.

You can encounter wild Pokemon alongside Riley. The wild Pokemon will appear in pairs.

Your Pokemon likewise gets all the EXP and Riley restores your Pokemon's HP and PP after each battle.

Rare candy instantaneously levels up a Pokemon by 1.

You should save the rare candies you collect on various routes/areas.

The best time to use it would be right before challenge the Elite four.

Since the level difference between the Strongest Pokemon of the final Gym Leader (Volkner).

And the first elite four member (Aaron) is almost 10 whole levels.

Pokemon holding a lucky egg will get 1.5x more EXP points if they participate in battle.

The easiest way to obtain the lucky egg is by going underground at acuity lakefront.

And heading to the top-leftmost room in the underground map.