Razer Rows Back After Zephyr Face Mask Safety Rating Confusion

Razer rows back after Zephyr face mask safety rating confusion.

Razer’s using zephyr marketing material in N95 has caused some backlash.

They noticed that Razer is misleading in its description of its Zephyr face mask.

He said that the ads could easily lead people to believe that these are medical grade respirators.

Razer Zephyr has not gained certification for a fully N95-rated mask.

Respirator filters are what they are mostly marketing around.

Razer is planning on removing all mentions of N95 marketing but it’s too late now.

Media outlets have labeled it an N95 mask but the mast was not being tested before being released.

Taken feedback and guidance from regulatory agencies to establish our testing protocols for the Razer Zephyr and Razer Zephyr Pro. Razer tweeted.

They then said it's not a certified N95 mask and is not meant to be used on medical or clinical settings.

Razer provided an official response but some questions still need clarification.

They said it’s 95% (PFE) and 99% (BFE) which is tested and it's not a medical device.

They are removing “N95 Grade Filter” references from their marketing material, and they are going to clarify their customers with any other questions from them.