Mission 11: Scaling Perilous Heights in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Outside the headquarters, Adaman can be found, who will use his Leafeon and Eevee against you.

If you haven't reached Four-star rank yet, go meet up with Ingo at the training Grounds and then journey to the Coronet Highlands.

Cave is an unusual wayward. Make your way up the mountain with it.

Melli will send out a Lv40 Skuntank.

Keep going forward. If you keep going forward, you'll reach the next marker.

Upon reaching your next destination, Warden Lngo will challenge you.

Win the battle with his Lv41 Machoke, Lv41 Tangela, and Lv42 Gliscor.

You can mount Sneasler after winning.

To enter the Moonview arena, you must climb toward it. When you reach the top, defeat Melli.

You will battle three Pokémon: a Lv44 Skuntank, a Lv22 Zubat, and a Lv22 Skorupi.

Once you have defeated Warden Melli, enter the Moonview Arena to battle the Frenzied Noble Hisuian Electrode.

Return to Jubilife Village to report back to commander Kamado to complete the mission.