Six Months After Its Disastrous Debut, Konami's EFootball 2022 Is Ready To Try Again

Six months after its disastrous debut, Konami's eFootball is ready to try again.

It will be out on April 14.

When it launched last year it was in a very bad state.

What we're playing right now is actually just a public beta with an accompanying PR disaster.

The idea was to rebrand Pro Evolution Soccer and make it free to play.

And then add more features as paid DLC in the future.

But it led to a massive backlash on Steam.

They apologized for the delay of the 1.0 release.

It will change the defending controls, additional shooting trajectories, and much more.

And online stability has also been improved.

The team customization mode Creative Team has been renamed to Dream Team.

We will continue to work on game improvement and updates beyond v1.0.0 to bring the best soccer experience to more and more fans, they said.