Stardew Valley Speedrunner Starts by Blowing Up His Farm and Trashing His Tools

Stardew VAlley speed runner starts by blowing up his farm.

This year’s speedrun was full of neat glitches.

Speedrunning marathon is in progress this week.

They were full of glitches.

This run's gonna move pretty fast and it's gonna get started really quickly, so I hope you're ready, Is the warning.

He did the opposite of what normal people would do.

This glitch is based on one particular trick.

Your neighbors will give you different items often in the valley.

You can receive items by item codes hidden inside a dialogue.

He names his character with a long list of item codes so that if an NPC addresses him by his name he can receive them all.

Mega Bombs are some of those items, they can clear trees aggressively.