State Of Decay Studio Undead Labs Faces Allegations Of Sexism And Bullying

State of Decay studio Undead Labs faces allegations of bullying.

And management has failed to adequately address complaints.

State of Decay 3 was announced in July 2020.

And yet the game still remains stuck in pre-production.

The story is based on 12 anonymous interviews.

Since the Microsoft buyout, undead Labs has doubled in size.

Our collapse came from within, and we could have used [Microsoft’s] help, they said.

During early pre-production on State of Decay 3, the lack of clear direction was exacerbated by problems at the studio.

They would ignore QA concerns in favor of showing artificial progress on the game, he said.

Milestones consisted of a pile of disjointed features that were less about making a fun video game and more about checking off a list, they said.

When I interviewed at the Lab, I was sold [the idea of] a studio in transition that was making [diversity, equity, and inclusion] a top priority, they said.