How to Get Arthur on Balcony With Mary Linton in Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

Step 1

Arthur gets a letter from Mary Linton.

Step 2

Mary waits forever on the Hotel Grand Balcony.

Step 3

If Arthur gets close to her, Mary cutscence will start.

Step 4

Mary comes down leaving the balcony.

Step 5

Arthur makes a move on ex-wife in the theater.

Step 6

Arthur doesn’t go towards balcony.

Step 7

And he climbs the roof of the next building.

Step 8

Can you lasso Marry Linton from here?

Step 9

You will need to climb to her building (hotel grand).

Step 10

What if you jump down?

Step 11

This time jump closer to the balcony.

Step 12

You will teleport to the ground.

Step 13

After that, you need to examine your ex-wife from the balcony.

Step 14

And throw a knife near her.

Step  15

You will need to look at Marry Linton again.

Step 16

Mary linton is no longer in the scripted mode.

Step 17

You can jump down to the balcony now.

Step 18

And meet Mary up close.

Step 19

Can you lasso her now?

Step 20

Mary is not scared now.

Step 21

If you shot, Mary converts to the scared mode.

Step 22

Once scared, Mary will start moving.

Step 23

Rare Mary climbing balcony move.

Step 24

Unfortunately she is stuck on the balcony.

Step 25

You have to observe her scared behavior.

Step 26

She doesn’t care if you attack others.

Step 27

She will flinch on the gunshot sound.

Step 28

You can’t shoot her directly.

Step 29

She is immune to fire?

Step 30

She is immune to dynamite?