Where is the Tiger Shark Location in Red Dead Redemption 2 ?

Step 1

You will be in Guarma with no snipers.

Step 2

You have to start here and go towards the marker.

Step 3

You will find a rare snake there (For-De-Lance snake).

Step 4

Continue moving towards the marker.

Step 5

There’s an another rare snake (For-De-lance snake).

Step 6

Now, you will need to go south.

Step 7

And visit two highest peaks of Guarma here.

Step 8

After that, you have to go south and jump on the Blurry Land.

Step 9

Then go west from this point.

Step 10

You can go through this place.

Step 11

Keep going west until you hit the shore.

Step 12

After that, you have to examine the boundary split.

Step 13

And then go into the water on the left side.

Step 14

Looking left will trigger the bubble water.

Step 15

You will sometimes trigger the top down view.

Step 16

Now you have to swim west (a bit north) until you climb air.

Step 17

You will need to force shark to spawn in the rock.

Step 18

Here’s a shark!

Step 19

It looks like a GTA V shark-Easter egg.

Step 20

Fully functional bone structure.

Step 21

It is a Juvenile Tigger Shark.

Step 22

You will learn everything about the tiger shark.

Step 23

Where are Tiger Sharks Found?

Step 24

And how deep do the Tiger Sharks swim?

Step 25

Here is the Tiger sharks rock spawn location.

Step 26

You can’t lasso the shark.