How to Get The Highland Axe - Elden Ring


The Highland Axe is located in Stormveil Castle. It is inside the fortress of the Many Armed Key Masters.

If you want to go to Stormveil castle, use the Rampart tower site of Grace.

How to Get

Once you have arrived, get out of the room and take the lobby elevator. The lobby elevator will take you to the fortress of the many-armed key masters.

You have the option to avoid the key master or go for him.

To get the highland axe, you should run towards the corpse under the big painting.

Weapon Stats

The highland axe is a great weapon if you want to carry more stuff. It weighs only 4, 5 so it's pretty light.

This weapon has a lot of power. It has a 123 physical attack power and 110 critical damage.

A "war cry" is this weapon’s skill it increases your attack by 5% for 20 seconds. This is useful during combat.