How to Play As Night Stalker (Fear of the Dark) in Red Dead Online

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is start the Red Dead Online Fear of the Dark.

Step 2

Your default team is hunters.

Step 3

Press R1 to see the Night Stalkers screen.

Step 4

And press the X button to see Night Stalkers members.

Step 5

You can press the Square button to join the Night Stalkers team.

Step 6

You are now ready and need to wait a bit.

Step 7

The game will start when enough players join.

Step 8

The maximum number of Night Stalkers is 2.

Step 9

The goal is to eliminate all 8 hunters.

Step 10

Your weapon is the Ancient Tomahawk.

Step 11

And your Super Power is Super Jump.

Step 12

If hunters get a mask, they will become stronger.

Step 13

The red dots in the mini map are enemies/hunters.

Step 14

You can kill them in one hit.

Step 15

The other Night Stalker dropped out: 1vs 5

Step 16

You get to revive when you go down.

Step 17

It is an unfair fight.

Step 18

And you have to try again.

Step 19

Game details.

Step 20

And the game starts.

Step 21

The female Night Stalker is your partner.

Step 22

Fun super jumps.

Step 23

Blue dot is partner Night Stalker.

Step 24

When all the masks are taken, you will be vulnerable.

Step 25

You will need to kill to make them drop masks.

Step 26

Your partner may also die during the fight.

Step 27

Now, you need to try to last until the timer ends.

Step 28

Died, but you can respawn.

Step 29

10 seconds to go.