(Story) All Floors of Grand Imperial Mall in Cyberpunk 2077

Step 1

First, you have to fast travel to the Grand Imperial Mall.

Step 2

And verify that the front entrance is closed.

Step 3

After that, you need to enter mall through the truck area.

Step 4

And open this gate to go inside the mall.

Step 5

You have to follow this path to go inside the mall.

Step 6

There will be an arcade area near the entrance.

Step 7

Now, you are inside the mall.

Step 8

You will notice the statues of dolphins in here.

Step 9

And you will also find Kabayan Foods Restaurant.

Step 10

You have to access the turret.

Step 11

And test the turret on dolphins.

Step 12

You also need to test the 2nd floor turret.

Step 13

And then check the 2nd floor turret.

Step 14

After that, make your way inside the movie theater.

Step 15

And examine 3 movie projectors.

Step 16

Then go back out of the movie theater.

Step 17

You will find gated escalators there.

Step 18

Your final goal is to go inside here.

Step 19

Go back to truck entrance area.

Step 20

And follow this path to climb to the mall roof.

Step 21

Explore 7th floor of mall.

Step 22

And then go down to the gated escalators.

Step 23

Success, now are inside the locked area.