(Story) Arezu’s Predicament Walkthrough – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

When you finish your previous mission, Akari and Rei will tell you the recipe for making smoke bombs.

Vessa will ask you to gather all the Wisps using the Odd Keystone.

The day after, you'll bump into Arezu at the hairdressing salon.

After your chat, head to the head commander's office for your next assignment.

Once you've been given the mission to help Ursaluna.

You'll receive information on the crimson Mirelands and the Solaceon ruins.

As you are leaving Jubilife City, you'll encounter Akari/Rei. She wants to battle with you.

Your team will battle a Lv19 Mime Jr. and a Lv20 Pikachu.

Once you defeat the competition, the formula for stealth sprays will be yours.

Now go to Crimson Mirelands.

Warden Calaba is waiting for you by the Solaceon Ruins.

Warden Calaba initially refuses your offer to help.

Volo will invite you to a battle.

Once you defeat him.

He needs your help. He'll ask you to find a stolen wall fragment from the ruins.

To find the Fortunes, follow the marker west.

Now, Coin will challenge you to fight.

Coin will send a level 23 Toxicroak.

Defeat her to get the stolen wall Fragment.

You must return to the ruins of Solaceon Town and speak to Volkner before returning the wall fragment to Warden Calaba.

Travel south and meet Warden Calaba on Sludge Mound to call Ursaluna.

Defeat the Ursaluna at level 26.

After defeating Ursaluna, you will be able to call him as a mount.

Once you return to Jubilife City, you'll be greeted by Akari/Rei at the gate.

Then, go to the commander's office.

This time, let's go back to the Crimson Mirelands.

Once you get there, make sure you have Ursaluna in your party, and look for the blue signals. You'll find Arezu in an area between Solaceon Ruins and the Scarlet Bog.

Head over to the Brava Arena to meet Adaman.

Talk to Adaman and the frenzied noble liligant to receive a meadow plate.

This is the end. Report back with your findings.