(Story) Best Start: Which Starter Should You Choose? – Pokemon Legends: Arceus

There are three starter pokemon in this game. Oshawott is the best among them.

The three starters of the Kalos region are the most successful because they can easily defeat other Pokemon. In particular, the fire starter is good against the noble Pokemon of the region, such as Klefki.

Although its power may be limited against Lilligant.

If you got this far, you probably caught another Pokemon that beats it.

It might not be the fastest starter, but it is still faster than many of your opponents.

This Pokémon is a special and physical attacker.

Rowlet Advantages

This Pokemon is a pretty good choice for battling against many other Pokemon.

Rowlet Disadvantages

This Pokemon's defense and offense are equally awful.

This Pokemon has the lowest speed stat among the starters.

Cyndaquil Advantages

With the highest base stat total of these starter Pokemon at their final evolution, Cyndaquil is a force to be reckoned with in any battle.

Among the starters, no one can catch up to his speed.

Cyndaquil Disadvantages

This Pokemon has a bad matchup against most Noble Pokemon.

Oshawott Advantages

Oshawott has the most balanced type and stats.

Oshawott is a great Pokemon to use when battling most other Noble Pokemon.

Oshawott Disadvantages

Overall lowest base stat total.

Oshawott has the lowest base stat among the starter Pokemons