(Story) Best Stats to Level Up and Starting Equipment in Elden Ring

With high vigor and strength, the hero is a beginner's friendly class.

If you want to focus on strength and be able to wield strong weapons early in the game, then this class is for you!

The hero starts at level 7.

It starts with 14 Vigor, 12 Endurance, 9 Dexterity and 8 Faith.

It also has 9 Mind, 16 Strength, 7 Intelligence and 11 Arcane.

It holds a battle axe in its right hand and a large leather shield in its left.

It wears a champion headband, champion pauldron, champion bracers and champion gaiters.

With high vigor and strength, the hero is a beginner friendly class.

This class also has an average base endurance.

So players won't have to worry much about stamina in the early game.

Additionally, this class can be easily built as a damage dealer by investing runes on strength early on.

The hero is a poor choice for those looking for flashy spells.

It starts with only 9 mind, 8 faith and 7 intelligence, the lowest base value stats it has.

If you're looking for a balance of physical and magic attacks;  however, the prisoner is the better choice.

It's recommended for heroes to level up vigor and strength early on.

You can prioritize investing in vigor until you can last long enough in combat as you can enhance your weapons.

If you feel the need to increase your attack damage instead of using all up your runes on strength right off the bat.

Raising your endurance will give a boost to your stamina and physical defense.

Two things no hero should be without! It will allow you to attack and parry more in battle.