(Story) Fastest Way To Get Runes in Elden Ring

You will need to go to the third Church of Marika.

Mark in the north direction and go north.

After that, activate the nearby teleporter here.

Open nearby door and touch Grace.

You will need to follow the path to the next Grace.

And sleep until afternoon (for easy next step).

You have to go around the boulder and go SE to the cliff edge.

You can use the tree branches to safely jump down.

And then follow the path to the next Grace.

You must touch this Grace.

After that, turn right and ride towards the tunnel.

You have to memorize the location near the skull light.

That place spawns a rolling big ball.

This time you need to prepare to dodge the rolling ball.

Slowly ride until a big ball appears.

And press O to speed around the ball.

You have to stare at the ball when it goes down.

Note = 1952 ruins collected.

You need to repeat the steps for another 1952 Ruins.

Do it 3 more times.

If the ball hits you, the collected ruins will drop.

You have to retrieve lost ruins whenever you die.

Spending ruins on skill is good practice.