(Story) Find the Class in Elden Ring

Starting Classes

Elden Ring will feature a total of 10 different starting classes, each with their own unique stats and equipment. These starting classes determine the player's initial stats and equipment at the beginning of the game.

There are 10 classes to choose from. They are Vagabond, Hero, Warrior, Prisoner, Astrologer, Confessor, Samurai and Wretch.

Vagabond for first-timers

If Elden Ring is your first Dark Souls game, then the Vagabond class is the best starting class.

It is important to have heavy armor equipped to take a lot of damage. This will give you more chances to master basic combat strategies such as parrying.

A new class that resembles the knight class can help you scale strength-based weapons.

Samurai for casual players

If you want your character to be good at close and ranged combat, go with the samurai class.

In addition to being one of the best melee classes in the game, they are also skilled with a bow and arrow. They can either use it as a weapon to take out enemies from afar or use it to draw in enemies.

The samurai class can perform more combos. They invest in dexterity because it also boosts the damage of their katanas.

Astrologer for offensive spellcasting

If you love flashy spells and big explosions, then the astrologer is for you.

Astrologers can focus on groups or individuals with their spells. They can also do heavy damage with a single-target spell.

Playing astrologer effectively requires you to manage your FP correctly.