(Story) Find the Hidden Room in the Secret Tunnel of Cyberpunk 2077

Step 1

You will need to go northeast of the Japantown (Westbrook).

Step 2

And make your way to a big door blocking tunnel.

Step 3

The reinforced titanium door is locked.

Step 4

Here is the exact location of door on the map.

Step 5

You have to go to structure roof on top of the door.

Step 6

Now, you will need to call a car (calburn best choice).

Step 7

And drive the car down one level.

Step 8

Open the door to get inside the secret area.

Step 9

Face direction of the door using the minimap.

Step 10

And call a car on top of you.

Step 11

You can wiggle under the car to drop down.

Step 12

The hard part is over now, just follow this path.

Step 13

You have to fly on the tunnel roof, but not too high.

Step 14

And then walk to drop into the tunnel.

Step 15

Success! You are inside the tunnel now.

Step 16

Check this crevice.

Step 17

The tunnel details are fantastic inside.

Step 18

You have to force open the 1st secret door.

Step 19

And call a motorcycle because you need headlights.

Step 20

Ride on motorcycle and drive it to 2nd secret door.

Step 21

Force open the 2nd secret door.

Step 22

And follow the tunnel to see where it goes.

Step 23

The tunnel is heading towards the downtown.

Step 24

You have to follow the tunnel to the end.

Step 25

The tunnel is round now.

Step 26

The tunnel ends here, you can look around.

Step 27

A room here, what is it for?

Step 28

You can continue looking around.

Step 29

You will find CyberEncabulator that is an important secret.

Step 30

After that, you need to go back down to motorcycle.

Step 31

There is a secret place up ahead.

Step 32

You will need to fly up here.

Step 33

And go inside the hidden tunnel.

Step 34

Go to the end of tunnel and look back.

Step 35

Listen carefully and stay focused.

Step 36

The tunnel ends near the Arasaka Tower.