(Story) Get Down in Glacier Crevice Out of Map in Red Dead Redemption 2

Step 1

First, you have to get the common Bulrush.

Step 2

And also get more than 3 bottles of liquor from the shop.

Step 3

After that, you have to go to this Spot on the map.

Step 4

You will find a huge cave there, enter it and follow the path.

Step 5

Note the location is out of the map.

Step 6

Now you will need to drink three bottles of liquor.

Step 7

And then Wait for John to pass out.

Step 8

After some time, you will wake up out of the map.

Step 9

Once you are out of the map, use your compass to face west.

Step 10

Start running west, and a bit north.

Step 11

The horses may spawn there.

Step 12

And you will need to tame one of them by riding.

Step 13

Here is another horse spawn spot.

Step 14

You have to be careful of the Hind legs.

Step 15

You may find some wild dogs on your way.

Step 16

All the animals are out of map, so there’s no need to attack them.

Step 17

You have to travel to this location.

Step 18

And then go east to this location.

Step 19

It is slippery here, so slide down off the horse.

Step 20

And slide down even more from a slope.

Step 21

Southeast returns to regular map.

Step 22

The next thing you have to do is head into the Glacier Cave.

Step 23

Stay to your right side, or you will die otherwise.

Step 24

So, you must have to stay near the right side.

Step 25

Aim gun and then press the left digital button.

Step 26

You will find that the Crevice path is blocked.

Step 27

So, you have to go to the next Crevice.

Step 28

And walk until the crevice is on the left side.

Step 29

Now it is the time to eat the common bulrush.

Step 30

God Mode Fall.

Step 31

And you are down crevice safely.

Step 32

Keep going forward.

Step 33

There will be a small drop ahead.

Step 34

And now you can freely explore the glacier crevice.